Avoiding Burnout and Learning to Narrow Your Focus with Shelyna Tinglin

Burning the candle at both ends. It's a term known all too well for entrepreneurs, and one that left our guest, Shelyna Tinglin, in the hospital.

Shelyna Tinglin is a dual career realtor and coach who once struggled with burnout. After experiencing stress that landed her in the hospital, she talks about having to make a tough decision: which career to prioritize.

Choosing real estate over teaching, she learned the importance of niching down and understanding her target audience's problems. By identifying the needs of small brokerages and other potential clients, she was able to build her brand and provide better solutions. Shelyna also shares tips for avoiding burnout, managing workload, and reinvesting in your business. Through coaching and teaching, she helps real estate agents and entrepreneurs identify their strengths, create systems, and achieve actionable goals.

For more information, you can find her at: https://coach.shelynatinglin.com/