Becoming a Technology Company (When You Don't Have a Technology Background) With Morgan Katz

When Morgan was working her corporate job, she repeatedly saw a need for large event companies to be able to track how their season tickets were being utilized.

Finally, she decided to take on the task herself and launched her first company. She quickly realized, though, that the solution wasn't just about helping companies sell their tickets, but helping them track their usage of them. Not coming from a technology background, Morgan had to quickly become a technology company.

Two Saas solutions later, Morgan continues to grow her company, Event Finders, and she joins us on this podcast to talk about her journey from employee to launching an event company shortly before 2020.

We discuss how she made the transition to a technology company, the obstacles she had to overcome when events went away for almost a year, and how she's developed new products from her customer's needs.

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