From Negative Revenue to 7-Figures In Just a Few Years With Jennifer Scott

How many times would you get knocked down before walking away from your company?

For many, it's one to a few, but there aren't many people who will still be standing after several. However, that's the story of Jennifer Scott, who had just set out to say that quitting wasn't going to be an option.

Jennifer's story is incredible from finding out one of her business partners was arrested for embezzlement, to having several of her key employees leave to start their own company, to getting sued after she tried to take over a sinking company, plus so much more. Jennifer, with her husband, refused to give up and never wanted to let down those people who stayed with them and believed in them.

She is now a success story, employing 22 people, and hitting over 7 figures, and she also thanks the 10K SB Program for her success.

I love these stories of success when you know there are a few amount of people who could have endured this yet still continue to pursue their dream to get to the other side.

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