Helping Entrepreneurs Build Long-Term Wealth With Kelly Kunst

If there's one thing you can feel almost immediately after meeting Kelly Kunst, is her passion for helping entrepreneurs make smarter financial decisions and build wealth for not just their immediate family, but for generations.

In this episode of First to Arrive, Last to Leave, Kelly joins Courtney and Erin to share her journey into entrepreneurship, and how her grandfather instilled the desire to not just create a business, but create something that had a huge impact on others.

Kelly shares her story of moving from medical sales to the field of wealth management and why she is so passionate about helping others not just make money but keep that money. She discusses how Goldman Sach's 10K Program helped her to evaluate a business she was looking to purchase, and how it helped her change her trajectory in her own business.

She also talks about her organization, Your Executive Symphony (YES), which she founded and chairs. YES is an educational forum dedicated to the privately held business sector, and focuses on helping business owners through education and events.

To connect with and find out more about Kelly, you can visit her website: