How Following a Passion Led to Multiple Businesses With Sammi Bivens

When knocking on the door for opportunity doesn't lead to an opening, you build your own door.

That's the story of Sammi Bivens, CEO of the Marketing Maven, who has consistently found a way to build her own doors for her passion of marketing. Sammi shares how she first landed in the entrepreneurial world through jewelry and how her sales skills led her to learn how to create and grow an online store.

She also talks about how her desire to learn marketing at a corporate level, made her find opportunities within the company she was working to move in new roles and grow her skills.

Sammi then moved to Texas and decided to launch her own brand and take a leap that ended up paying off for her. She discusses some of the highs and lows of growing her own business, and what the Goldman Sachs' 10K Program has helped her change her vision for her business.

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