Leading with a Servant's Heart: Supporting Team Members in their Personal Endeavors

On this episode of First To Arrive Last To Leave, we dive into the fascinating journey of our guest, Jackie Clayborn, CEO of ONC National. Jackie talks about how her entrepreneurial bug came while watching her parents both build their own companies.

She also discusses the importance of aligning goals within a team and shares valuable insights on leadership and mentorship. Drawing from her own experience in the automotive business, Jackie discusses the transformative power of effective leadership and credits their former boss for her personal growth. Jackie also talks about why she decided to do the Goldman Sach's 10K program, and how it helped her to transform her company.

She also talks about the challenges she faced when starting her own IT company, but how perseverance, self-belief, and figuring out everything along the way, all paid off. when starting their own IT company and how their perseverance and belief have paid off. She also shares how she has focused on creating a strong team who aligns with the company culture and core values.

To learn more about Jackie and her company ONC National, visit: www.oncnational.com or call 469.254.4542.