Leaving the 'Good' and 'Safe' Job to Build Her Own Empire With Daris Frencha

How hard are you working building other people’s dreams?

It was a question Daris Frencha had to ask herself as she found herself loving sales and people, but her hard work was building a company that wasn’t hers. After she started working a side job with a company, selling legal benefits, she realized she was capable of starting something on her own.

Daris shares her story on this episode of First to Arrive, Last to Leave to discuss her journey as an entrepreneur, and why she first hesitated leaving a very ‘good’ job and good situation to start her own thing. She also talks about what she’s done with organizations and associations to help grow her business through partnerships.

Daris also talks about the struggle of building her brand, and how she’s figured out how to scale. Plus we talk Goldman, and some of the lightbulbs Daris discovered while in the program.

To learn more about Daris and Benefits Boutique, visit: https://thebenefitboutique.com/