Lessons Learned After Two Exits With Alane Boyd

After working for a company where she felt the staff wasn’t pulling their weight, Alane offered to help hire the right team and build the company to the potential she believed it had.

What ended up happening was beyond her wildest dream as she ended up becoming a co-owner, building another company, and exiting from both.

During her ‘retirement’, Alane started a passion project, wrote several books, and ended up helping other companies, which launched an entirely new company. Eventually, she and her husband were pulled back in the world of tech by building a software company called Arvo.

In this episode of First to Arrive, Last to Leave, Alane shares her very honest stories about selling her companies and what she would do differently. Plus she discusses why working for the company she sold was one of the hardest things she has ever done.

She also talks about how her passion led her down a path that she discovered she didn’t want to continue on, and why that can be more valuable of a lesson than just discovering what you love.

She also talks about what’s next, and why retirement really didn’t end up being all that she thought it would be.

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