Overcoming Delegation Challenges and Scaling Goals with Cheyenne Smith

Being the first in an industry can be a blessing and a curse, and Cheyenne Smith, Founder of Blk Hive Media and Dakota Ridge has found herself mostly loving the challenge.

On this episode of First To Arrive Last To Leave, we dive into the world of entrepreneurship and the challenges of navigating finances, funding, and scaling a business. Cheyenne opens up about her personal journey of starting a business and the financial struggles they faced along the way.

We also discuss the importance of being financially aware, calculating true gross margins, and finding opportunities for more non-traditional financial support. Cheyenne talks about how she found a niche in paid advertising and was able to leverage her knowledge to create her own boots for kids at Dakota Ridge.

We also talk about her journey with the Goldman Sach's 10K program and how she went in with one business but came out working on another business, and how it changed her thought process around funding.

Cheyenne also talks about juggling two businesses while raising a child to managing rapid growth.

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