Overcoming Fires and Debt To Build a National Brand With Brent Reaves


Get your seat belts ready, as this episode is quite a ride.

On this episode, Courtney and Erin welcome Brent Reaves, co-owner of Smoke John's BBQ, a nationally recognized brand located in Dallas, TX. Brent's talking about continuing to build his father's legacy through the restaurant that his parents started, and his driving factor to get through all that life has thrown at him.

When he took over the restaurant over 10 years ago, he discovered they were losing over $8000 a month. Instead of closing up shop, he decided to go old school and walk flyers around the area which started to drive back business.

He also talks about overcoming a fire that destroyed their building, and kept them down for 18 months. By using other kitchens, they managed to keep their catering business alive. Seriously, one of the best episodes yet, and a must listen for any entrepreneur on overcoming obstacles.

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