Taking a Leap Into a New Industry as a First-Time Entrepreneur

It all started with an idea and a dream she expressed to her daughters, and then her daughters wouldn't let her walk away from it.

After falling in love with baking and always volunteering to make the baked goods for the kids' events, Daphne left a successful career in law to pursue her dream of owning her own bakery. This also came after a nudge from her daughter reminding her that she had encouraged them to live their dreams, but she was still sleeping on hers.

Daphne launched Subarz and found herself submersed in an Entrepreneur 101 class, but she's been loving every minute of it. She talks about what it took to grow her business, and how Goldman Sachs' 10K Program helped her to work on the business versus in.

She also talks about some of the growing pains along the way, and why she doesn't have a single regret about finally following her own dreams.


To find out and more and connect with Daphne, or order your own treats, visit: https://www.subarzsweets.com/