The Dynamic Duo: Embracing Different Perspectives for Client Excellence

A 2-year partnership is hard to come by in the world of entrepreneurship, let alone a 12-year one. It’s the story of Hazel Geary and Rachel McFadden, co-founders of Drio.

Hazel and Rachel join us for this episode of First to Arrive, Last to Leave to discuss their journey as business owners and friends and what building a successful company has been like. They also talk about the ability to hone in on their strengths. 

They discuss their growth as a company and how it all began when Rachel took her engineering background and taught herself how to build and successfully grow a blog. She connected with Hazel, who had the sales experience to work on creating websites and marketing strategies for other companies. 

They talk about how the Goldman Sachs program helped them look at their financials from a planning perspective and the impact it has had on their business. They also talk about the Four-Week Website, a program that helps clients learn how to reflect their brand values in a website and how to launch in just four weeks. 

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