The Secret to Hiring the Right Team with Jolene Risch

Finding and building the right team is more important now than ever, and in a world where talent won't stick around in a job that doesn't match, how do you ensure you're finding the right fit?

Jolene Risch joins us to discuss her journey from stay-at-home mom to building Risch Results, a strategic search firm that aligns top-performing talent with a company's culture and values. She shares how her interest in people from an early age sparked her ability to match talent, not just from a skills perspective but from a cultural fit perspective, to the right companies.

She also shares why diversity is so important to her and how her company helps others open their eyes to biases and helps them expand their workforce.

Jolene also talks bout her business and the three main factors that have had a direct impact on her growth. She also discusses how the pandemic was a difficult time, but how reconnecting with her why made her fall in love with her company all over again and push through the hard times.

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