The True Meaning of Perseverance and Believing in Yourself With Albert Marquez

Do you have what it takes to persevere no matter what comes your way?

It may seem easy to think yes. However, when several things don’t go your way, would you still keep going?

In this episode of First to Arrive, Last to Leave, Albert Marquez, Founder and COO of 1 US Construction visit Courtney and Erin to talk about his journey from a comfortable government job, to franchise owner, and now the owner of his own construction company. He discusses how taking a huge leap when his job was going to make him travel, led him to own his own franchise in an industry he had no experience in.

After finally getting close to a break-even point, he took the opportunity to sell and start something new. He talks about how it took him a long time to finally start learning how to win bids, but he never gave up on his mission to create a different life for his family. He was determined to pay back the savings that he borrowed to make this dream a reality. 

He also talked about the 10k SB Program, and how it taught him to look at specific numbers, which made a tremendous impact on his business. 

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