When You Get THE Offer For Your Business With Ted Hill

'You always at least take the call when someone wants to buy your business', it's the advice from Deb Purvin, former banker and business numbers extraordinaire, that rang in Ted's ear when he got an interesting call about his business.

In this podcast, Ted Hill, talks about building a business with his dad and the challenges that came with it, in addition to running the business on his own, and how Goldman Sach's 10K program changed everything for him.

He also talks about why he never dreamed he would sell Life Benefits, Inc, but that one phone call changed everything and what his life looks like now after the merger. Plus, he talks about his role now as Vice President & Head of Employee Benefits Brokerage at Players Health.

Enjoy this very open and honest conversation about family, hindsight, and taking advantage of the right moments.

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