When You Have No Choice But To Create Your Own Opportunities With Michael Battaglia


What happens when you're not quite ready for retirement, but the options offered to you are becoming fewer and further in-between? Well, in the case of Michael Battaglia, you start your own business.

In this episode of First to Arrive, Last to Leave, Courtney and Erin are joined by InsureYouToo's Founder, Michael Battaglia. Michael shares his story of when it was becoming harder to find a job, he had to make a decision to either give up, or play the hand he was dealt by creating his own business.

He discusses what it has taken to grow his company, and how he has had to overcome obstacles through changes like Obama Care being an option for the self-employed, in addition to COVID potentially shutting down a handful of clients.

He also talks about how he has built his business from referrals, and what has happened when he's had to change his strategy based on clientele.

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