When Your Business Becomes Overwhelming With Sasha Crabtrey

Every business owner has been there when they find themselves burned out and overwhelmed from wearing too many hats, wondering if they're cut out for this business ownership thing.

Enter Sasha Crabtrey, Founder of Remote COO, a company that helps businesses by managing their daily operations, giving owners the freedom to focus on their core competencies and growth.

Sasha shares her journey on this episode of First To Arrive, Last to Leave to talk about what it's been like running her own business for over 17 years. She also talks about going into the Goldman Sachs 10K program and how it helped her reevaluate how she set goals, plus she talks about how it helped her to change the way she hired.

She also shares some of the best advice she's ever been given and how she's been able to put the right team around her and live her dreams.

To learn more about Sasha, visit: https://remotecoo.com/

To learn more about Courtney's company, visit: https://purveyorsoffragrance.com/

To learn more about Erin's company, PodGrowth, visit: https://PodGrowth.co